ARTi – Smart Photo Editor

ARTi is Smart Photo Editor which processes your photos in a single click with the help of artificial intelligence.

A huge number of photo filters and the ability to fine-tune effects will make your photos unique.

Key benefits:
– we are actively developing new styles and updating existing
– we support wide range of sizes and ratios of photos
– fast image processing based on dedicated external server so no impact on your battery
– app is free
– new exciting showcase panel will give fast insight to resulting image for selected style
– you can share resulting images with any installed app
– app has clear intuitive UX so you don’t need any specific knowledges or skills.

Our application has excellent filters for selfies and landscapes, the effect of pencil drawing, black white drawing, watercolors, stained glass, mosaic and much more. Frequent updating of the filters, continuous training of the neural network for incredible effects on your photos.

Please note! All photos are processed on Server, that’s why you should stay online.

Enjoy your creativity!

Get it on Google Play

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