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BPS-Corp is a software company which specializes in developing high-quality applications in four major areas:
– Business applications;
– Games;
– Applications for kids;
– Guides.

We have extensive experience in developing applications for Android and of iOS, we have a lot of ideas to implement.

If you are programmer, designer or just an ideological person who wants to join a team of creative people and achieve goals together, please send your CV with a description of your experience and activities that you would like to do.

Depending on which set of responsibilities for the development of any project you take on yourself – will vary your future income in the range of 5% to 70% of the income of a particular application. Percentage and responsibilities are negotiated separately in each case.

All members of our team – is the future investors in the finished product. Become an investor, not a hired worker!


How it works?


1. You join a team
Send your CV to e-mail Specify the country, city of residence, your a Skype, what role in the team you want to perform. We will contact you and offer you interesting projects. We will discuss the boundaries of your participation in the overall product, as well as the percentage of your “share” of the future product.
2. Your team is working on a single product
Each team always has a representative of the BPS-Corp, which performs the role of arbiter in controversial situations, and monitors the implementation of the functions of each person on the team. The code is also checked for compliance with the quality criteria.
3. You are creating, testing and publishing the application
Zero (basic) version of the product must be obtained as soon as possible to get the first review and possible adjustment of the direction of product development.
4. You are working on an application promotion in social networks and other applications
The members of your group create discussion groups in social networks, which are actively discussing the development of the application. Also, advertising of your application is added to the other BPS-Corp applications (advertising platform).
5. You get income from advertising / sales
Your application generates income depending on the monetization method (number of clicks or sales of applications or in-app purchases).
6. Distribution of income between the members of a team
After the transfer of money to BPS-Corp account, the arbiter distributes income between team members in accordance with the agreed percentages.


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